An Alberta teenager broke a Guinness World Record when he solved 300 Rubik’s cubes while keeping his balance on a unicycle.

Jesse Bradford, 17, of Brooks, said he received word from Guinness World Records that he is the new official holder of the record for most rotating puzzle cubes solved on a unicycle.

“They just sent me an email and I checked their website and I was up on it. I couldn’t really believe it. It was crazy,” Bradford told the Brooks Bulletin.

Bradford, a senior at Brooks Composite High School, solved 300 Rubik’s cubes while riding his unicycle. He beat the previous record of 250, which was set by U.S. man Caleb McEvoy in March 2018.

Bradford said it took him about 2 hours and 13 minutes to solve all of the puzzles.

“I’m pretty excited. It’s really hard to believe,” he said of earning the record.