A woman walking on an Alaska beach is trying to unravel the mystery of an unusual discovery: a message in a bottle apparently launched in 1987.

Pam Joy of Skagway said she was walking on the beach at the Dyea flats when she spotted a bottle with a group of washed-up logs, branches and other debris.

Joy opened the bottle and discovered a written message on a sheet of paper: “Happy New Year 1987!”

The message was not signed and did not say where the bottle was launched, Joy said.

“Maybe it really hasn’t traveled very far. Or maybe it came from Australia. Who knows?” Joy told KHNS-FM.

Joy said she is hoping to find the sender of the bottle.

“I really wish that I had some way to identify who it was or how far it’s come and where it came from. I would like to be able to let the person know who wrote this that I found it where I found it,” she said.