The rich keep getting richer, or at least trying to.

As the trade deadline approaches, some in league circles believe the Buccaneers will try to do a deal for a cornerback before Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The challenge becomes finding a willing seller. With an extra game added to the schedule but the trade deadline unchanged, it’s even harder after eight weeks for teams to realize that it’s time to stick a fork in themselves.

Given the extra game, the trade deadline should move at least by one week. The fact that precious few teams are truly out of it at this point makes it harder to justify selling off assets.

That said, this weekend’s games will give teams a little more clarity as to whether they do or don’t have hope for the balance of the season. Consider, for example, the three NFC East teams with identical records of 2-5. There’s a gigantic difference between 3-5 and 2-6 for the Giants, Washington, and the Eagles.