A shoulder injury won’t keep Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from playing on Sunday against the Steelers. The bigger question is whether Beckham will be playing for Cleveland next Sunday, when they face the Bengals.

Beckham is reportedly “good to go” for Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh. He played 10 days ago against the Broncos, returning to the game after landing on his injured shoulder while trying to catch a pass.

But Beckham isn’t catching many passes, and even though he hasn’t publicly jostled for a new team, he quite possibly would like to be on a team with quarterback(s) who will throw it to him when he’s open. And he’s open a lot.

It’s unusual for a contender to trade away great players. If anything, the Browns should be buyers at the deadline. But if they realize that significant value can be secured by moving on from a player who doesn’t fit with the current approach on offense, why not consider doing it?

Unlike some players who may be traded (such as DeSean Jackson, who won’t play today), the Browns may feel compelled to showcase OBJ in advance of Tuesday, in the event that someone is willing to make an offer. Someone like the Packers, for example. Others have suggested that the Chiefs should make a play for OBJ. The Browns, however, surely wouldn’t be inclined to help make the Chiefs better.

Unless the Browns believe that, even if the Chiefs think having OBJ will help them, it won’t.