Safety Smackdown 2014

June 2nd - 4th, San Antonio, TX

Admission is $150.00 per person, which includes lunch.

Hotel Information: Country Inn & Suites - $90.00/night.
Please call Connie Harrison for more details at 210-345-5460.

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  1. The Soft Stuff Doesn't Have to be the Hard Stuff
  2. Customizing Your FRAT
  3. High Altitude Physiology
  4. Aircraft Performance
  5. Understanding SMS
  6. Pilot Cave Man Tendencies
  7. Streamlining the RVSM LOA Process
  8. IS BAO The Building Blocks to a Better Safety Culture
  9. MEL Training
  10. What Does the Crystal Ball Hold for the Future of Instrument Procedures?
  11. What the Auditor Looks for in an ISBAO Audit
  12. Small Flight Department Panel Discussion
  13. Cold Weather Operations
  14. Rise of the Aviation Business Professional
  15. Safety Culture - Combating Drift - Lessons from NASA
  16. RNAV/PBNM Procedures
  17. Culture and Integrity - Lessons Learned from Columbia & Challenger
  18. Basic Upset Recovery Aerodynamics (CITABRIA)*++
  19. OSHA Systems
  20. If I See Swiss Cheese One More Time...
  21. ISBAO Workshop*
  22. NBAA Roundtable
  23. Water Evacuation Training - Canyon Lake
  24. Leadership
  25. Fatigue Countermeasures
  26. ISBAO - What is Required
  27. The CAM Process
  28. Satellite Communication
  29. International Recurrent Training Procedures
  30. Medaire*
*Additional Fees Apply
++During Smackdown, the Upset Recovery academic class is included with course registration. In-aircraft training is available following Smackdown (June 5-8) in the instructor's fully aerobatic Citabria at additional cost. Contact Jim McIrvin at or for additional information and pricing.


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