The Partnership for Corporate Aviation Training (PCAT) is a non-profit organization, founded by the Valero Energy, HEB, and Zachry flight departments. The members of PCAT are predominantly traditional Corporate Aviation department; however, there are provisions in the organization’s bylaws that allow other members that have been deemed beneficial to the purpose of PCAT.

The purpose of PCAT is to create an opportunity for aviation organizations to work together on issues of common interest and need for the benefit of the member organizations. Further, it is to serve as an advocate for traditional Corporate and Business Aviation.

PCAT's Initiative:
  1. Improve the quality of training
  2. Broaden the choices for accomplishing training
  3. Reduce the time invested in training
  4. Drive down the training cost

The idea for PCAT evolved from an aviation safety event held in April of 2009. The organizers of the event reached out to corporate aircraft operators and others in search of training partners. The goal was to pool the bank of knowledge, capability and resources of all of the training partners into a cooperative. A list of training elements was developed and the various training partners volunteered to teach one or more elements based on their particular knowledge of a subject.. In that way, each element was presented as training to the entire group.

The event, named Safety Smackdown, offered many training elements that are required or desirable to corporate aviation personnel. The training elements model the requirements of FAA, IS-BAO, VPP and Best Practices.


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