The primary product that will be marketed to PCAT members will be a 4 
course per year package. The courses will be delivered in a PCAT branded 
Online Learning Center with log in access from the 
web site.

The 4 course package includes only the online training courses. It does not 
include access to any additional features in the online learning center like the 
memo system or reference library. No course customization is available as 
part of the 4 course package.

Individuals may select any 4 courses from our course library as part of the 
package. All 4 courses will be assigned immediately upon payment. 
Advanced Aircrew Academy is offering PCAT members a unique product that 
is not available to the marketplace at this time. Retail pricing of 4 online 
courses varies from $400 to $800 depending on the courses selected.

Advanced Aircrew Academy proposes a single price to PCAT member 
companies of $300 per person for any 4 courses (25% to 62% discount). The 
$300 price for the package would be guaranteed to not increase through 
2013. If the pricing of Advanced Aircrew Academy’s products increase in 
2014, the package price may also increase.

In addition, Advanced Aircrew Academy will further discount the pricing 
based on the volume of training for PCAT member companies. The initial 
discount for any training (individual courses or course packages) will be 5% 
with an additional 5% in rebates to PCAT. For example, the 4 course package 
would be $285 per person with an additional rebate check sent to PCAT for 
$15 per person.

PCAT member companies already enrolled in the larger IS-BAO training 
package will retain their current base rates and be eligible for the discount 
rate and rebate to PCAT at their next annual renewal. PCAT member 
companies may upgrade to the IS-BAO training package and will receive the 
PCAT discount rate and rebate to PCAT.


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